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Build to Specifications

Build to Specifications

Astra Microwave started its journey in the year 1991 with customers under the Built to Specification (BTS) mode. Under this mode, customers provide the electrical and mechanical specifications of the components, modules or sub-systems as per their system requirements to Astra. The engineers of Astra then work with the customer team in order to specify the target specifications of the required component, module or sub-system presenting the various options and latest technologies involved to finalize the target specifications. The R&D team of Astra Microwave then works on realizing the product using the engineering expertise in-house and delivers a fully qualified product (airborne, naval or ground application) to its customers. Traditionally once the system is qualified by the Armed forces and production orders are released, Astra Microwave has also been producing the products originally designed by them in high volume to meet the production requirements of the customers.

Build to Specifications in defence and space electronics involves manufacturing electronic systems and components that adhere to specific requirements and specifications set by our clients. In delivering these high-end cutting-edge products we meet the stringent standards, performance criteria, and reliability demands of these specialized sectors.

In defence electronics, Build to Specifications is crucial for producing mission-critical systems and equipment that are used in various defence applications. This includes communication systems, radar systems, navigation systems, electronic warfare systems, and more. Our solutions meet specific military standards, ruggedness requirements, and environmental resilience to operate effectively in challenging and harsh conditions.

Similarly, in the space industry, Build to Specifications plays a vital role in the production of electronics for satellites, spacecraft, and space exploration missions. These electronics meet the unique demands of space environment, such as extreme temperatures, vacuum, radiation, and vibrations. They also meet strict size, weight, and power constraints while maintaining high reliability and performance to withstand the rigors of space missions.

Manufacturing Build to Specifications in defence and space electronics also requires adherence to detailed engineering specifications, quality control processes, and rigorous testing procedures. Specialized facilities, and equipment which are necessary to meet the demanding requirements and standards set by these industries are all available in-house at Astra. Additionally, we maintain compliance with security and export control regulations, which is of utmost importance due to the sensitive nature of these technologies.

By offering Build to Specifications capabilities in defence and space electronics, we cater to the specific needs of our esteemed clients. This enables the production of high-quality, reliable, and technologically advanced electronic systems that contribute to the defence sector’s mission-critical operations and advancements in space exploration.

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