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Build to Print

Build to Print

After introduction of the offset policy by Government of India in 2006, Astra Microwave has been working with many foreign OEMS for producing their products in India under Built to Print (BTP) mode for meeting their offset requirements. In fact, Astra Microwave is one of the first companies in India to receive an offset production contract for high end RF modules in India. Since 2009, Astra Microwave has produced more than 150Million worth of high end modules under the BTP route. Many foreign OEM’s have audited the facilities and quality process of Astra Microwave and found that it is adequate to meet their stringent quality and on time delivery requirements. In many cases, such a start in the BTP domain has later led Astra Microwave to receive orders for BTS requirements as well.

By offering Build to Print capabilities in defence and space electronics, Astra effectively collaborates with defence OEMs, space agencies, and system integrators. We have been efficiently producing high-quality electronic systems and components that align with the original design intent, while meeting the stringent requirements and standards of the defence and space industries. We are proud to note that out BTP capability contributes to the successful execution of defence programs, and space missions.

Our Build to Print capabilities satisfy the crucial need for ensuring the accurate reproduction of complex electronic systems and components which involve sophisticated and highly specialized technologies requiring precise manufacturing processes.

We successfully translate the provided prints into tangible products by employing advanced manufacturing techniques, specialized equipment, and rigorous quality control measures. Our expertise in handling high-precision components, employing proper assembly and integration methods, and adhering to specific material and manufacturing standards provides us a great differentiator.


Accuracy, reliability, and adherence to strict quality standards are paramount for Astra. Our BTP processes ensure that the produced electronics meets the required performance, functionality, and environmental specifications. This includes compliance with defence standards, such as MIL-STDs (Military Standards), and adherence to space industry requirements for reliability, radiation hardening, thermal management, and other critical factors desired.

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