Astra Microwave has designed, developed and produced critical sub-systems for its customers for building various airborne, naval and ground based systems. The contribution in the major areas of work is summarized below

Radar Electronics

Radar Electronics is the area of work that brings the maximum revenue for Astra Microwave. Astra has designed, developed and produced various components and sub-systems that are used to build small range, medium range and long range radars for ground, naval and airborne applications.

  • Active Antenna Array Units – L, S, C, X, Ku-Bands
  • TR Modules- V/UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka-Bands
  • Wideband TR modules
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers
  • Receiver Exciters upto Ka Band
  • Central Units- L & S Bands
  • Antenna Beam forming units
  • All receiver subsystems
  • Array Group Receivers
  • Monopulse Receivers
  • Waveform Generators
  • Own MMIC’s

Electronic Warfare

Astra Microwave has been a major player for indigenous sourcing of sub-systems in all major EW programs in India and has designed Wide band super-components in frequency ranges from 0.5 to 18 and 18 to 40 GHz. Astra has built many sub-systems that form part of Radar Warning receivers especially Wide band super-components like DLVA’s, BLI’s and DIFM’s.

  • Antennas
  • EDLVA and BLI Super Components
  • EW Simulators
  • DIFM Receivers
  • Front End Receivers
  • Up/down convertors
  • Homodyne Receivers

Strategic Electronics & Telemetry

One of the early areas of work was for Astra Microwave was in the design and development of critical sub-systems for strategic platforms.

  • Command Guidance Units
  • Radio Proximity Fuze
  • L, S, C & X-Band Transponders
  • Phased Array based Telemetry Tracking System
  • Sub-systems for Gimbal based and AESA Seeker
  • Ground and Air-borne data link systems
  • Data and Video Telemetry transmitters, transponders, encoders & decoders
  • Telemetry Receivers


Starting 2004, Astra Microwave has been working closely with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to design, develop and produce space grade sub-systems and components for various Indian Satellite programs. Astra Microwave is proud to have associated with every major satellite program of India starting from 2007. Astra Microwave has participated in both Flight Model and Ground Based Electronics for ISRO.


  • Sub-systems for Multi-object Tracking Radar
  • Coherent frequency generators
  • L-band modulators
  • 8x8 switchable routers for earth station
  • V/UHF T/R modules for ST radar
  • Ka-band indoor/outdoor units

S-level (on-board) / Flight Model

Sub-systems for SAR Payloads
Sub-systems for Geostationary Satellites
Sub-systems for Remote Sensing Satellites


  • C-band T/R modules
  • SSPA
  • 1:12-way power dividers
  • 2, 3, 4-way power dividers
  • X-band phase shifter, power amplifier
  • S-band transmitter
  • Fabrication and assembly of RISAT antenna
  • 8X8 switch matrix for the communication payloads
  • Ku-band receivers
  • Ku-band beacon source
  • C-band MMIC receivers
  • 4x4 switch matrix


  • Water Level Measurement (Bubbler/Radar Sensor)
  • Agromet Meteorological Stations (AMS)
  • Automatic Rain Gauge (ARG)
  • Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)
  • Mini boundary layer masts
  • 50m tower masts
  • Agro met towers


  • Perimeter Surveillance System
  • Non-linear junction detector


Other Areas of work for Astra include Antennas, MMIC testing and assembly, Contract Manufacturing and products for Homeland Security.

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