120,000 sft of research, design, development and manufacturing across 4 units
Equipment MMIC design and manufacture ESS equipment
Scalar and vector network analyzers http://astramtl.com ESD measurement equipment

Noise figure meters

Complete ESD care

Temperature /humidity /particle count measurement equipment

Microwave frequency counters

12000 sft Class 10000 clean room

100X-500X magnification inspection microscope

Temperature controlled hot plate with nitrogen purging facility for eutectic attachment

Class 100 laminar flow benches

Testers for bond pull and die sheer strength

Clean room compatible oven for
curing epoxy X10-X100 magnification microscopes

Humidity/temperature controlled
bonded material store

DC probing station for on-chip measurement of DC parameters

Thermosonic wire bonders for deep access ball and wedge bonding

Fume absorbers with soldering
stations to avoid contamination

Environment chambers (-65C to +175C; 98% RH)

Open air antenna test range

Resistive welding system for package sealing

Vibration equipment for sine, random, sine over random

High-precision bonding machines

Dicing system for cutting alumina substrate, and GaAS/silicon wafer

Bump, shock equipment

Signal generators

32000 sft working floor with static dissipative epoxy coated flooring

Gross leak and fine leak detectors for hermetic verification of packages

Function and pulse generators

Temperature/humidity controlled dessicators with nitrogen purging for bare chips storage


Power meters

For details of our MMIC capabilities, please visit http://astramtl.com

Parallel gap welding