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Astra Microwave Products Ltd., has designed and developed an AMP-DWR-401 capable of detecting and estimating meteorological parameters. The radar features user-selectable dual-polarization capable of transmitting in Linear (Vertical and Horizontal) polarizations.The all-weather radar is designed to be mounted atop a tower or mobile platform and has a range of observation of more than 100 km with a range resolution of 75m. The radar employs pulse-compression technique and is capable of operating on Commercial as well as Diesel generator based power supply. The radar can be operated locally or from remote Command and Control Centre. The radar is capable of generating polarimetric Doppler weather radar base data and products in specific formats. The system can produce images as well as products from base data output utilizing its radar signal processor. The radar generates and displays warnings for Thunderstorm, Hailstorm, dust storm, mesocyclone,convergence, divergence and gust fronts.

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Systems Meteorology Radar Systems

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